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ANTI-GLOBALIZATION ONE YEAR LATER - Urban75 Rebellions and revolutions are stirring the system to its very core. And while the people rise up in defiance — whether through mass popular insurrections or small acts of everyday resistance — those in power keep telling us to look the other way: to our mortgages, our credit cards, our student loans, our increasingly crappy jobs and shitty pay, and, most of all, to “them”: the b corporations and powerful politicians, grand icons of market fundamentalism and loyal servants of its one and only deity: Mammon. And so, even as world-historic events shake the very foundations of the Earth, the real news keeps being drowned out by the deafening silence of the media’s corporate agenda. With the anniversary of the Seattle WTO Ministerial protests just a scant year ago, Independent Media Centers have put together a collection of essays.

November 2005 – tobefrank

November 2005 – tobefrank Whether such experiments in democratic communication will survive and develop will depend on whether Indymedia centres can become more central to the educational field. I've been marking student essays for days. Jurgen Moltmann's "The Future of Theology" 1997 and uploaded the essay to on.

Rustbelt Radio Pittsburgh <strong>Indymedia</strong>

Rustbelt Radio Pittsburgh Indymedia This study reveals that Indymedia practice is a simultaneously structured and spontaneous form of collective media work on the margins of the political and journalistic fields. Pittsburgh Indymedia's weekly radio program featuring news from the. new book "We Have Not Been Moved", essays on race and political struggle in America.

A manifesto for independent media - ROAR Magazine

A manifesto for independent media - ROAR Magazine It is about the many approaches to the creation, dissemination and maintenance of alternative models for social and economic organisation, and the practical and theoretical implications, consequences and possibilities of these self-organised structures. Back in the day, this meant setting up and maintaining the various national Indymedia forums — autonomous spaces where activists could.

Considering Principal Components of a Dital Culture - CiteSeerX

Considering Principal Components of a Dital Culture - CiteSeerX Crises and catastrophes are rocking our planet like never before. In the context of this essay dital culture can be seen as an emerging set. proliferation of Independent Media Centres IMC, or Indymedia around the world.

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